LENOVO ThinkStation S20 Specification

레노버 싱크스테이션 S20 사양

워크스테인션 모델은 ECC Unbuffered 그러니까 RDIMM 이 아닌 UDIMM 메모리를 지원하는게 많은 듯하다.

지원 메모리 사양을 정말 어렵게 찾은 매뉴얼이다.

아래는 레노버 사이트에 있는 스펙인데 RDIMM은 지원하지 않는 것 같다.

Detailed specifications - ThinkStation S20 (Type 4105, 4157 and 4217)


System board / Form factor

Intel® Tylersburg 36S, Intel® ICH10R, 1333MHz system bus

Supports Intel® Xeon™ Dual Core processor with up to 4MB L2 cache

Supports Intel® Xeon™ Quad Core processor with up to 8MB L2 cache


Intel® Xeon™ Dual Core

Intel® Xeon™ Quad Core


4MB cache - Intel® Xeon™ Dual Core

4MB to 8MB cache - Intel® Xeon™ Quad Core


Intel Tylersburg 36D

Intel ICH10

Storage connector

1 Floppy Drive Connector

5 x SATA Connectors (Gen. 2)

Hardware RAID 0, 1, and 5 Supported

1 x eSATA Connector (Gen. 1)

Optical Drive

Blu-ray DVD-ROM drive

DVD Recordable



Type DDR3 Unbuffered SDRAM

ECC Supported

Maximum Capability : 1600MHz, UDIMM : PC3-10600 (1333MHz), RDIMM : PC3-8500 (1066MHz)

Max DIMM Sizes : 4GB

Maximum system memory : 24GB


Analog Devices AD1988A

Internal Speaker : SSM2211 amplifier

6 x Rear 3.5mm Jacks (5 analog, 1 SPDIF)

2 x Rear Optical SPDIF Ports

2 x Front 3.5mm Jacks

1 x 2-Pin Internal Speaker Header

Video (Option)

NVIDIA Quadro FX380 256MB PCIe

NVIDIA Quadro FX580 512MB PCIe

NVIDIA Quadro FX4800 1.5GB PCIe

NVIDIA Quadro FX1800 768MB PCIe

NVIDIA Quadro NVS290 256MB PCIe

ATI FirePro V5700 512MB PCIe

ATI FirePro V3700 256MB PCIe

ATI FirePro V7750 1GB PCIe



10/100/1000 Mbps

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet



Five 3.5-inch slim internal hidden bays (HDD)

One 3.5-inch slim external accessible bay (FDD or card reader)

External ports

Ten USB 2.0 ports - two front and eight rear for easy connection of peripherals

Mouse, keyboard, and VGA monitor ports

Line-out, line-in, microphone audio jack-in, and headphone-out ports


Two full-length, full-height, PCI Express x16

One full-length, full-height, PCI Express x4

One full-length, full-height, PCI

One half-length, full-height, PCI

Three 3.5-inch slim internal hidden bay (HDD)

One 3.5-inch slim external accessible bay (FDD or card reader)

Two 5.25-inch external half-high bay (optical drives)

Power supply

625 Watt active PFC power supply

Main - (1) 24-Pin (2x12) ATX Standard

VRM - (1) 10-Pin (2x5) ATX 12V Standard

Graphics - (1) 4-Pin (2x2) ATX 12V Standard


Hard drive features

7200 rpm Serial ATA supported

10000rpm Serial ATA supported

15000 rpm SAS HDD supported

아래는 하드웨어 간략 매뉴얼이다.


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